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Custom Cable Services - Audio Cables, Computer Cables, USB Cables, Power Cords, IDE Cables, Serial Cables, and more...

As a dedicated custom cable assembly manufacturer , we cover not only computers and networking, but also a full range of other high technology industries. We feature in-house engineering, quick design services, as well as prototyping, all services that are critical during any product development effort.

    Custom Cable Solutions at very Competitive Prices
    Custom Audio Cables
    Custom Computer Cables
    Custom USB Cables
    Custom Power Cords
    Custom IDE Cables
    Custom Serial Cables

Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment to design and fabricate custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses of all types and standards. We are fast and dependable! We also provide standard cabling products, such as molded PC cables and assembled network cables, to cost conscious resellers and corporate end users throughout North America.

Please call on us for any of the following:

    USB Cables
    IEEE-1394 FireWire
    IEEE-1284, IEEE-488 Parallel Cables
    T1 / E1 / DS1, T3 / E3 / DS3 Cables
    AUI Transceiver and Token Ring Cables
    Cables to Customer Spec, including
    custom coax cables
    SCSI1, SCSI2 & SCSI3 Cables
    LVD SCSI Cable Assemblies
    OEM Equivalent Cables, Cisco, Nortel, HP, IBM...
    Category 5, 5e and 6 Patch Cables
    Gigabit Ethernet Cables
    Computer Internal Round Cables
    Fiber Optic Cables
    Fibre Channel Cable Assemblies
    RS232, RS422 & RS449 Cables
    Twinax, Coax Cables
    8-VCABV35FC.jpg (17272 bytes)IBM Cabling System
    Bus & Tag Cables
    25-pair Telco Cables
    V.35 Interface Cables
    MII Transceiver Cables

We use only the highest quality cable and components and the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled custom cable assembly manufacturing and engineering staff ensures the highest quality solutions to all your interconnect requirements, from the very standard to the most custom and demanding.




Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at It's Best !
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