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Wire Harness Manufacturer

Our company is a leading cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. We offer multi-connector electrical cable assemblies and wire harnesses built to your specifications, for a variety of applications, from computer, audio/video and communications to automotive and medical equipment industries

Our wire harnesses consist of various types and sizes of wire, solder and crimp type terminals and pins, along with various electrical components specified by our customers.

Please see below some of our wire harness manufacturing capabilities

    Medical Cables
    Power Supply Harnesses
    Speaker Wiring Harnesses
    Electromechanical Wire Harnesses
    Industrial Wire Harnesses
    Custom Video Cables
    Alarm Cables
    Flat Ribbon Cables
    Custom Cables & Wire Harnesses

Contact us for more info or a quote ! We are one of the best wire harness manufacturers, and we can fulfill your order quickly and accurately.  All cable assemblies and wire harnesses that leave our production units are fully tested, and meet or exceed the customer specifications.

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